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Very proud of our Dance in the School program.  Our community outreach is a top priority. Click to go see our Youtube video on the Dance in the Schools program.

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 https://youtu.be/dgF4Wke_wRo  Wisconsin Family gets an update on Peter Rabbit and Regional Dance America.

https://youtu.be/L_LE3b24Fss  Wisconsin Family gets an update on New Works and learns more about Nutcracker.

https://youtu.be/h5dwa5Z-_yk  Learn about what is Dance Wisconsin and how is it different.  We are a non profit 501(c)3 company dedicated to helping dancers learn about what it is like to be in a professional company.  Focus is on performance!

https://youtu. be/QZ7P4kSRa6U  Wisconsin Family visits our new studio 8-18-17

https://youtu.be/-pwwoC85asM  Ms. Jo Jean discussion Dance Wisconsin and MAD on Wisconsin Family

https://youtu.be/490e_eGOrlY  Dance Wisconsin on Girl Talk.  :) On WI57

Dance Wisconsin on Wisconsin Family :) https://youtu.be/zHqpN0Rs19o 

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Contact Information:

Artistic Director: Jo Jean Retrum

Phone:  608-221-4535

Email:  dancewisconsin@gmail.com


The official store of Dance Wisconsin.  Located at 2605 South Stoughton Road Madison 53716

Summer Hours:  Monday - Thursday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm 


Visit the site for our home studio, Monona Academy of Dance.

2605 South Stoughton Road

Madison WI 53716

Phone (608) 221-4535


The official hotel of Dance Wisconsin is the Holiday Inn at the American Center.  Located at 5109 West Terrace Drive, Madison Wisconsin.  Phone:  608-249-4220.  Website: www.holidayinn.com/madisonwi. Follow them on  Facebook here.

The official florist of Dance Wisconsin is Prairie Flowers and Gift.  Visit them at 245 East Main Street, Sun Prairie Wisconsin.  Website: http://www.flowerssunprairie.com Phone:  608-837-3830.  Follow them on Facebook here.

The official movers of Dance Wisconsin is Gorilla Movers of Wisconsin.  Visit them at http://gorillamoversofwi.com/.  They are also on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/gorillamoversofwi/?fref=ts.  Their phone is 608-417-9617.

Dance Wisconsin is a 501(c)3 corporation.

Dance Wisconsin does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender expression, age, martital status, sexual orientation, national orgin (ancestry), military status or religion (creed).

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DANCE WISCONSIN COLLABORATIONS II - This performance will feature the Second Act of La Fille Mal Gardee, The Unguarded Daughter, Saturday March 9 at 7:00 pm at the Mitby Theater.  It will also feature contemporary concert length pieces featuring the Dance Wisconsin Company, Central MidWest Ballet and Bray Ballet.  Our hope is to introduce the community to all that Dance Wisconsin does from classic ballet to contemporary/ballet concert length pieces.  As well as introduce our patrons to Central MidWest Ballet and Bray Ballet.  Wonderful things are happening in Wisconsin with companies collaborating together.




Thank you to everyone that attended Collaborations and thank you to Milwaukee Ballet II for their beautiful performances!  Rolando Yanes hosted an amazing Master Class that was attended by dancers from multiple dance studios including:  Monona Academy of Dance, A Step Above and Ultimate Leap. 

Dance Wisconsin welcomes dancers, aged 12 plus, from all over Southern/Central Wisconsin to join our company and experience performance opportunities similar to that of a professional company.  Our dancers are not professionals but those seeking to perform outside of their home studio/competition studio and experience original choreography, full length ballets and outside study experiences with scholarship opportunities.  Dancers must still be enrolled of the studio of their choice taking a minimum of two ballet classes as well as modern/contemporary.  Tap is encouraged.  Auditions have occurred, but if you are interested in joining Dance Wisconsin please email Jo Jean Retrum at dancewisconsin@gmail.com


Here are few photos from The Oaks 2017